T-shirts are a forever green dressing material. People of all ages and genders can wear a t-shirt. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you can wear a t-shirt as casual wear. T-shirts have a huge market all over the world. That is why every company needs a bulk T-shirt printing to fulfill the requirements of clients.

There are many companies that print t-shirts. PrintShop by Designhill is a very glowing name among all the companies. The best part here is that PrintShop by Designhill is a renowned company when it comes to logo design. You can get the t-shirts designed and delivered at the right time. You can customize your order and change it as you want.

There are many methods of custom t-shirt printing. You can take anyone that you think is better for you. You need to keep in mind that you are selecting the method to print in bulk. So, it would be best if you decide about the most convenient option for you. This company is also giving you options to choose from. The following are the methods you can follow while printing t-shirts.

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very easy and nice method when it comes to print t-shirts in bulk. This is a widespread and popular system to print t-shirts. This process is very nice for extensive orders, and you can rely on this totally.

Screens are used to put ink and design on fabrics in this process. Any T-shirt maker company will go with this process while printing a lot of t-shirts. This process is also called as silkscreen printing. Your t-shirt will be upto the mark and free from all tactile. The ink will go deeper into the fabric, making it look brighter.

This process is a classic method to print t-shirts. Many companies are using this process for years without any hassle.

The process is in the below in a nutshell:

  • You have to create your design first.
  • Format the whole file and put emulsion in it.
  • Wait until the screen is dry.
  • Separate the colors
  • Apply the design
  • Cure it with heat

One thing about this T-shirt printing method is it gives you the finest finish. Your fabric will glow like glitter. You can add any color, and it will be absorbed deeper within the fabric. To get the best color finish, and to tackle the bulk printing, screen printing is the best option.

2. Direct To Garment (DTG) Method

The screen printing method was indeed good for the printings that need a good color finish. But if you have a design that is complex in shape and geometry, PrintShop by Designhill will use another method to print it. This method is known as the Direct to garment method.

This printing method is a new one in the printing family. It is very easy to access, and you will get the best result with this if you have a complex shape.

You can buy a custom t-shirt with this method with any color and shape. The process is simple. As the name suggests, the ink is directly given to the fabric. It is like coloring a paper. In the textile and garments business, this is a very reliable method to print t-shirts.

t-shirt-printing methods

In simple terms, DTG works just like a paper printer, with ink injected directly onto the fabric rather than on paper. As the name would suggest, it’s the process of printing graphics directly onto textiles and garments.

The mixing of color is more manageable in this, and you can just enter the design once, it will start its work. The cost of printing has gone down with the invention of this method. If your business is just starting, and you need to save money, you can go for this method.

The whole process is as follows:

  • Creating the design is still on the first
  • You have to put the design on the computer and pre-treat your fabric.
  • Load the t-shirt in the DTG machine
  • Create printing and let it dry
  • Curate the printed t-shirt.

The method is much simpler than many other processes. You have to understand which one suits your business.

3. Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is the method that you can use in any kind of fabric and clothes. If you have a business of customizing designs on all types of clothes, this is the best process for you. You can custom hoodies and all other types of clothes with this method.

From the name, it is understandable that the print is transferred from one place to another. The design is at first created on any non-textile surface, and then that is transferred to the aimed textile. Designhill uses this technique to print many customized items on various kinds of fabrics.

At first, most of the basic work is done with a vinyl base. After that, the design is sealed on the t-shirt with the help of a heat press. Now, the question may come, why not directly on the fabric. The answer is, many times, the commercial companies require quick delivery.

Such as sports jerseys and a team trademark. In such cases, the seals are made separately, then printed on the fabric. This is also nice for any short term team logo making. You can press the logo anytime on the fabric. The process is below:

  • Create a CAD design of the logo, or writing
  • Use that CAD design to fill with colors.
  • After that, heat-treat and imprint that on the vinyl surface
  • Shift the surface printing on the cloth and heat press it

The process sounds simple because it is simple. You can take out the bulk of T-shirt printing with this one method. The most important thing about this method is, it can give you the print within very less time.

These were a few methods that many companies are using to produce bulk printings. There are some other techniques as well to explore, but these are worldwide used and reliable as well.