There is nothing more irritating than ending up having a sliding glass door that asks for far too much effort to open and shut. People often think that it is part of the whole life span of almost all types of sliding doors. Nevertheless, when such things show up, it is usually an indication that your sliding glass barn door hasn’t been maintained for quite a long time.

5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Sliding Glass Barn Doors Smooth

The sliding glass door is one of the enormous investments in a house. After months of regular usage, sliding glass barn door hardware, such as rollers and tracks, can get jammed due to dirt, debris, or even damage.

If this unforeseen occurs, your sliding door will be hard to open and close. You can also encounter some damage on other hardware like handles.

However, timely cleaning and appropriate maintenance are crucially importing to ensure that your investment lasts for long.

In case if the sliding glass barn door is newly installed, a week following the installation is the ideal time to exercise these functional and simple techniques to clean and keep the door function smooth for years ahead.

1. Keeping the Glass Clean

The charm in having a sliding glass door is the seamless view of the house exterior. The glass sheets make this possible.

Nevertheless, owing to the extended exposure of changing weather and other outside segments, it is predestined for the glass panels to get dirty or damaged. But, it is ultimately simple and reasonably priced to keep the glass door clean.

All you need to do is get a smooth cloth and a right detergent solution. You can also make use of soaps that are specifically recommended for glass cleaning.

Recommendable cleaning materials are the best to use for glass sliding door cleaning. Make sure that you nicely wipe dry the glass sheet after washing it with the soap solution.

Most glass panes used these days for sliding glass doors and windows are often moisture-winking. However, you don’t need to get anxious about the water stains. They will quickly dry, particularly when exposed to the sunlight.

2. Keeping the Sliding Glass Door Tracks Clean

Clean tracks are crucial elements to keep a sliding door look more and more beautiful and guarantees a smooth movement while opening and closing.

Cleaning the sliding glass barn door tracks is more accessible than getting it repaired. What you need to do is to open the door and start vacuuming the tracks.

sliding glass door track
Image Credit: KNCrowder

Vacuuming will remove the debris and dirt that have swelled throughout the past weeks or months.

Besides, focus on the corners of the door tracks where the dirt is most likely to settle down. If it is hard for you to reach the corners with a vacuum, use a small tip-brush and cleaning solution.

3. Check the Screws

Checking the screws doesn’t seem to be as important as the other measures treated above, but it is equally essential when it comes to maintaining the sliding glass door.

The sliding door tracks are fixed with some screws. As fast as the screws get loose, they are likely to either block the door path or, in the worst case, can misalign the entire door frame.

However, at least twice a year, keep checking that screws are still tight and in their right space.

4. Change the Rollers

sliding door rollerEven if your sliding glass door is outside, it is crucial to check the rollers for damage or dirt regularly. If you find them in poor shape, it is time to remove them to repair or replace them.

To get the right replacement roller, match its design and dimensions to the best options you may find in a window and door shop’s catalogue.

You can also get them online through the free hardware identification service, most door and window shops offer.

For the best outcome, it is good to let experts help you make an informed decision.

5. Change Sliding Door Tracks or Put a Track Cover

If you are on the lookout for replacing the sliding door track interfering with the door from rolling smoothly, you can fix the issue by either getting a brand new sliding glass barn door track or a track cover.

To install a cover, you will need to cut a stainless steel channel to an appropriate size of the actual track and fasten it on the old track.

Take a woodblock and press it down. When required, rearrange the rollers by turning them and adjusting screws.

Most importantly, never put oil or lubricant to make the door move smoothly. Many people make this mistake.

Oil is only going to bring more dirt and will make the cleaning process more complicated. A well-kept sliding glass door should roll effortlessly, indeed with no oil.

Sliding glass doors doesn’t seem to be one of the most manageable elements in a house, but precise attention and TLC will help them last longer. What else, regular attention will help you prevent unnecessary expenses for repairing.