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Sackboy Big Adventure Multiplayer Delayed

Sumo Digital announces that it will not release online features for Sackboy: A Big Adventure with the game to ensure that the mode works as planned.

This is bad news for fans and players of LittleBigPlanet, the new Sackboy game An Adventure in Large will no longer be released with all the features that it had announced from the beginning during these months. With only a month to go before the game debuts alongside the launch of PS5, the delay of the multiplayer mode that the Sumo Digital platforms will have has been announced.

The news comes from the studio through the PlayStation Blog, where the design director – Ned Waterhouse – has said that Sumo made the ” difficult decision ” not to release the game with its multiplayer. They explain that they need more time to get it right, so the game will only feature a 2-4 player co-op mode when it releases.

This news may become a bit frustrating for all players, but especially for all those who enjoy completing the game once they have it. These players will be the ones who want to have all the Sackboy An Adventure Big trophies in their multiplayer but cannot meet right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The only good thing about this news is that they will not have to wait long for their online functions to be available, since the plan right now – according to Waterhouse – is to add them for the end of 2020. Everything will be done through a patch that will introduce cross-play between PS4 and PS5, in addition to being able to transfer the save files of both versions.

Although multiplayer is not available out of the box, you will still be able to enjoy other features, such as 60 frames per second on both platforms and special editions with Sony-themed skins. You can see everything in the news that we leave you with its new trailer and special editions, with a plush toy!