Twitter will be introducing a new feature named Twitter #fleets in India. Posts on Twitter fleets disappear (self-destruct) after 24 hours like Instagram and Facebook stories.

Twitter fleets feature and Twitter fleets release date:

While Twitter is an essential social media platform where celebrities, political parties and business giants frequently visit, critical and important information is mostly acquired from Twitter. It is so because it has been observed that public figures and companies rely on Twitter to communicate with the mass more than any other social media platforms.

However, there have been rising concerns about the discomfort faced by the general mass. Many users of Twitter have a complaint that they are hesitant to tweet anything because tweets are made public and stay permanently. They have also expressed their unease at the public comments and the re-tweets.

Taking into consideration all such problems faced by Twitter is curating new ways to develop a seamless experience for their users via fleets (tweets that self-destruct after 24 hours). India, reportedly, will be the second country after Brazil to have fleets tested. Fleets are launching on 9th June in India.

How are fleets different from Twitter?

Twitter’s new feature, named Twitter fleets is different in many ways. Although their posts on both will be public, posts on fleets shall not be permanent unlike in Twitter. One can make a post out of fleeting thoughts.

The posts, though, will be public, but they can be re-shared or commented. Your followers can view your post, and if anyone wishes to comment, then it will take place personally. Your post will appear on the timeline of your followers, and the comments shall arrive in your inbox.

Why Twitter fleets?

As mentioned earlier, many people are not comfortable with the idea of re-tweets and comments publicly, and they wish their privacy to be respected. Fleets are a unique way to start new conversations without being conscious about likes and comments.

Users can now step out from the hesitation to tweet because now they can fleet. There is no concept of likes, comments on fleets, and the fleets disappear after 24 hours which also reduces the risks of fleets being misused.

Feedbacks on fleets from brazil and Italy:

Twitter fleets already have been introduced in Brazil and Italy. There are positive reviews on fleets from Brazil and Italy. Reportedly, fleets have created a comfort zone for those who did not tweet regularly. People can speak their minds and seem to be at ease. People have expressed their contentment about fleets.

Will fleets thrive in India?

Twitter’s group product manager Mo al Adham speculates that fleets will be a success in India as they are already receiving positive feedbacks from certain users they have picked up for the tests. Along with making fleets a convenient platform for the users, they will also keep track of the nature of adoption of fleets in India and the change of behavior of people towards fleets.

Recent Update

Mo al Adham assures that there will be no violation of rules by the introduction of Twitter fleets. Regular users of Twitter will meet no obstacle in their pace of using Twitter. If anyone feels Twitter rules are being violated can directly launch complaints and issues will immediately be resolved. Twitter apk is available on iOS for iPhones and in the android version on Google play store. Provide #FleetsFeedback if you are using it.


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